Musings of a curious developer 📖


The library contains a collection of articles that I've written to date. These are my personal thoughts, experiences and learnings that I have penciled down. I hope that they will prove useful to you as it did to me.

  1. The purpose of money
  2. Acceptance
  3. HDB Resale Price Dashboard
  4. Why everyone should write more
  5. The magic of Science
  6. A year in review - 2020
  7. Uniswap Volume Tracker
  8. Rust notes
  9. Notes from Future Founder's track
  10. A journey of self discovery
  11. Is your life a race?
  12. Favourite Quotes
  13. Favourite Articles & Videos
  14. Impermanent Loss Calculator
  15. Dodge the Creeps - enhanced edition
  16. My first game!
  17. Top 3 takeaways from Ethernaut