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HDB Resale Price Dashboard

A screenshot of the HDB Resale Price dashboard

What is this project about? #

The HDB Resale Price dashboard is a simple dashboard to show users some statistics regarding the resale price of HDBs in Singapore over the last 5 years (Jan 2015 - Nov 2020).

Why did I do this? #

I wanted to learn more about creating interactive charts so I decided to play around with the plotly library.

How did I do it? #

As mentioned earlier, I used plotly for creating the charts. The frontend is done with another plotly application called Dash. The dataset is sourced from The entire application is hosted on Heroku but since I'm on the hobby price plan, I had to also rely on something like UpTimeRobot to ping the website every 5 minutes to prevent it from sleeping.

Extras #

The source code for the dashboard can be found in this github repo. The website is running here. If you're looking for a new HDB or planning to sell your own, I hope that this dashboard will be useful for you!