Halo frens, it’s that time of the year again where we reflect on what we’ve done so far and to see where / how we can improve for next year!

TL;DR — 2021 has been a meh year. It felt like I made no progress whatsoever but the good thing is I tried many things this year. I also know what I want to commit to next year and I’m super excited for it.

Let’s start by going through the TODOs from my previous A year in review - 2020 review. Some of these tasks are perpetual so as long as I improved from when I last reviewed, I will give myself a ✅ otherwise ❌.

TODOs from prev. review ⭐

  • To be a better husband, son and brother. ❌
  • To accept that whatever I think I know about trading is probably wrong. ❌
  • To share what I have built with everyone. Be proud of your work! ✅
  • To think more before agreeing because once you agree, it’s not professional to back out regardless of whether they’re your friends or not. ❌
  • To read more variety of books instead of just self help / entrepreneurial books. ✅
  • To find something that I’m really excited about and to commit and work towards that. ✅
  • To help more people. ✅
  • To pick up Japanese. ❌
  • To remember why I did what I did so that whenever I am in doubt, I can always refer back to this list. ✅
  • To embrace the 80:20 rule. ❌
  • To learn and use first principles thinking. ✅

Simon: 6✅ and 5❌ is alright but it can be better! Let’s target for at least 75% on the next review. I will also be removing the tasks that are no longer relevant.

Victories 🏆

  • Created a data analytics app for breaking down the resale prices of HDB flats
  • Completed the Deep Learning specialisation!
  • Conducted my first smart contract audit on Code4rena!
  • Managed to make a decent living from freelance auditing!
  • Created a trailing loss script to help manage some of my risks.
  • Designed and launched an Accelerator Program for Sota!
  • Learnt to build a PC
  • Built a crowdloan calculator for investors to calculator their ROI.
  • Revamped my personal website (the one that you are currently on haha)!
  • Managed to somehow get Gold for my IPPT (not just once but twice!!)
  • Helped Milo with the recovery of his funds.
  • Cashed out whatever I have left in crypto.
  • Adopted a new puppy Bailey (he’s so adorable omg!!)
  • Home renovation is almost completed (but my wallet is also almost empty T_T)
  • Found something to fully commit towards for next year (on-chain / blockchain games)

Disappointments 😞

  • Decided to KIV ML, Japanese and Youtube because I don’t have enough time to pursue them.
  • Lost A LOT of unrealised profits on STAKE.
  • Lost some profits on ENS.
  • I still overestimate myself when it comes to trading.
  • Dropped my phone while using my halfbike.
  • Washed my phone too many times until it died lol.
  • I backed out on Kokila and Vienna because I couldn’t commit after agreeing.
  • Left Sota’s company only after 2 months…
  • Could have spent more time with my family.
  • Need to embrace 80:20 more.
  • Relearning rust and gamedev again zzz

TODOs by next review 📝

  • To spend more time with my family.
  • To be proud of the work that you’ve done.
  • To double triple quadruple confirm with yourself before agreeing to do something. Once you’ve agreed, you MUST commit.
  • To read more variety books (game theory, game design etc.).
  • To be patient with progress.
  • To help more people.
  • To embrace the 80:20 rule and low context switching overhead.
  • To achieve my 2022 resolution.
  • To be less of a clean freak (send halp T_T).