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Uniswap Volume Tracker

A screenshot of the uniswap volume tracker in action

Simon: This project used to go by the name but has been renamed to uniswap volume tracker.

What is this project about? #

I wrote a script to monitor the buy and sell volumes on uniswap. It sums the buy / sell volume traded across different intervals and compares between them. This is analogous to moving averages and comparing the MAs.

Why did I do this? #

There's a lot of data on the blockchain that can help provide more information / insight before taking certain positions in a trade. Fundamentally, if buy volume is greater than sell volume for an extended period of time then we should see an appreciate in price. That was the goal behind the project - to compare between the different timeframes e.g. 100 blocks vs 10000 blocks for supplementing one's knowledge before trading.

How did I do it? #

Since I wanted to learn rust, this project was made with rust. I used the rust-web3 crate for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

Extras #

Since this is just a script, there is no UI deployed anywhere. If you want to try it out, clone the repo, create your .env file and run cargo run. There are a few extensions / optimisations that I will consider implementing if there is demand for it.