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Admin Telegram Bot
A decentralised governance bot for the telegram group CryptoSG
CryptoSG Bob bot

A telegram group that I have been part of for the longest time is CryptoSG. The thing about cryptocurrency telegram groups is that they are often plagued with scam bots so to protect the more naïve members of CSG, the admins would ban these bots before they can inflict any damage. While this worked most of the time, it was only a band-aid solution. There were 2 problems with admins. Firstly, bots are only banned if admins are around and secondly, these privileged roles might start abusing their powers.

In order to circumvent these issues, the founder (milodino) decided to look for a free open source solution. He stumbled upon a bot called banofbot (bob for short). Bob introduces a decentralised tribunal style voting system to ban malicious actors. A user can initiate a vote on another member of the group by replying to their message with the /bob command. Subsequently, members of the community would vote to kick or save said user.

However, since bob is an open sourced solution, the creator of bob could not really tailor it specifically to our needs so milodino asked if I would create our very own bob to which I agreed. Similar to the first bot I created, I used PythonTelegramBot to create a very simple clone of bob with a few additional features (like limiting the number of bans per day) and aptly named it CryptoSGBob!

You can find the source code for CryptoSGBob in the CryptoSG github repo. CryptoSGBob was set up to work only for CryptoSG and its affiliated telegram groups so if you want to use it, simply fork the repo and modify it to work for your group.

Last modified on 22 August 2020