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Admin Telegram Bot
A decentralised governance bot for the telegram group CryptoSG
CryptoSG Bob bot

When I first started investing in cryptocurrencies, I joined a local telegram group called CryptoSG (CSG). Periodically, bots would join the group and start promoting their scams or sharing NSFW pictures. The group admins will, at their earliest convenience, ban these users. While this works 99% of the time, there were instances of admins who were caught abusing their power; banning users who disagreed with their opinion. Moreover, this also contradicts the ethos of decentralisation - one of the pillars of the technology that we are investing in.

As such, the founder (milodino) decided that we should decentralise the banning process. He stumbled upon a free open sourced solution called banofbot (bob for short) which is a telegram bot that you can add to your groups if you want a decentralised tribunal style voting system to ban malicious actors. Essentially, any user can initiate a vote on another member of the group by replying to their message with the /bob command and other members of the community will vote to kick or save said user.

Bob worked as expected however it was lacking certain features e.g. limiting the number of bans per day, removing ban requests that are not completed in 24 hrs. Milodino asked if I could fork the code and add these quality of life features in but because I was not familiar with Javascript then, I decided to remake bob entirely and thus, CryptoSGBob (CSGBob) was born!

Like my first bot, I used PythonTelegramBot to create CSGBob. You can find the source code for CSGBob in the CryptoSG github repo. CSGBob is designed to work only for CryptoSG and some of its affiliated telegram groups so if you want to use it, fork the repo and modify it to work for your group!

Edit: The bot is still being used but I’ve noticed a few design flaws with it. I want to upgrade CSGBob but I never had the time to go about doing it… Maybe one day, I’ll get around to doing it 😅

Last modified on 11 October 2020.
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