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Private Messenger
A p2p messenger built with PeerJS.

As we progress further into the age of information, a growing fear of mine is that we become too reliant on technological giants like Google and Facebook. We believe that these companies will do the right thing and most of the time they do, but for the times when they don’t, our personal information gets compromised. An example of this is the recent scandal involving the popular ToTok application.

Many of us are worried about our physical privacy but often overlook our digital privacy. It is scary how much our digital footprint reveals about us so I wanted to build something related to privacy with my newly acquired frontend skills from completing a web dev course on udemy.

Eventually I settled on a privacy focused messenger application. After a few weeks of hacking something together, I completed a proof of concept web app using metamask, web3 and peerjs. The frontend framework used for this project is vue.js with veutify for its prebuilt UI components.

You can try out the demo but I highly recommend using it locally instead i.e. clone the repo, spin up a local instance and voilà! The source code for the poc can be found on github!

p.s. I know it is very ironic that I ask you not trust these tech giants but instead, to trust this naïve implementation of a privacy focused chat app that was hacked together across multiple weeks by a random developer on the internet, the relatively simple (I hope lol) implementation of this poc allows any technically inclined user to verify the source code.

edit: It seems like the messenger app is also no longer functioning as the “Connect Metamask” feature broke from an upgrade on metamask’s end… 😩

Last modified on 11 October 2020.
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