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Why Data Science?
Sharing the rationale behind why I chose to learn Data Science

Why I chose to learn data science?

My biggest motivation for wanting to learn data science is simply because I want to try something new. If I have attemped it and reached the conclusion that I do not like it then at least I know that that is one more item off my to-try list! That is how I am trying to beat my quarter life crisis.

The second reason for learning data science is because it synergises very well with what I am currently doing; working as a blockchain engineer. Blockchains, specifically public blockchains, allow anyone to join and start using them immediately. As such, it is logically to assume that the most popular of these public blockchains have a lot of data generated everyday. Having been in this space for a while, I noticed that only a handful of users (people who can analyse blockchain or can afford to pay someone to analyse them) can take advantage of these information so I want to try and do something for others as well; I want to share these (hopefully useful) information to the masses so that they too can also use them!

Lastly, I guess it is also hypocritical for me to say I am not in it for the money because I am. A quick google search can tell you how much this industry is growing and will grow to but despite the growing demand for data scientists, there is an oversupply of talent for entry level roles. As with any niche of software development, the simplest way to standout is to do some side projects so this is my attempt at doing a side project to get my foot into the data science industry!

What resources am I planning to use?

In this day and age, you can get access to high quality educational resources online entirely for free. I did a bit of dugging and eventually settled on these 2 resources to learn about data science.

  1. Kaggle courses
  2. Harvard’s CS109 course (specifically CS109A for 2019)

The reason for choosing these 2 is because Kaggle is the world’s largest community for data science and the platform contains a lot of useful resources for any individuals aspiring to make their first foray into this industry. On the other hand, Harvard was chosen simply because it is from Harvard. I don’t have to say much about Harvard, nor do I have any clue if the syllabus taught at Harvard is good but we will find out soon enough!

As mentioned in my other article, I will be documenting my entire journey and will feedback along the way if anything can be improved / changed. Looking forward to sharing and learning from you guys!

Last modified on 11 October 2020.
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